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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Jul 8, 2019

Our guest today is Josh Miramant, the Founder of CEO of Blue Orange Digital, a full-stack data science agency using machine learning to simplify business decisions.

In our discussion, Josh provides several case studies of how his firm is helping clients improve decisions through better predictions, including one project for a hedge fund that analyzes a wide range of data on job applicants to help the fund hire analysts who are likely to perform better.

I also learn a new term: data lake

Blue Orange regularly partners with consultants, and if you have a client you think you could benefit from their help, Josh would love to discuss it with you.  You can reach Josh at:

And you can read more on their website:

If you are seeking the support of a top-tier independent management consultant, or if you are interested in joining our global community of consultants, email Will Bachman at