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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Jan 31, 2022

Shane Heywood on Go-to-Market Strategy

Shane Heywood is a Bain-trained consultant with 10+ years experience in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Strategy across a variety of industries. He has on the ground experience in 13 countries and currently works in private sector Emerging Market strategy. Shane is passionate about building businesses, delivering impact and helping organisations grow, and in today’s episode, he talks about his practice and processes. Shane can be contacted through LinkedIn, and you can learn more about his company at


Key points include:

  • 05:44: Steps an organisation can take to make sponsorship happen
  • 10:42: Sponsorship and mentorship for independent professionals
  • 16:25: What’s included in a go-to-market project
  • 18:38: A case example from a Sub-Saharan market

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