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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Feb 8, 2022

Karen is an independent consultant who focuses on transformation projects. She has 25 years’ experience leading complex enterprise-wide transformations and M&A integrations to $105bn turnover. Karen has proven expertise in strategy and transformation of complex global businesses, as an executive in IBM Global, she led IBM’s global transformation. Karen has strong cross-sector B2B and B2C, cross-functional and broad geographical experience, including operating in 180+ countries across five continents. In today’s episode, she talks about her work on operational transformation and integration. You can learn more about Karen’s company at, or reach out through LinkedIn. 

Key points include:

  • 10:14: Board member vs consultant to the company
  • 17:00: An example of an operational transformation
  • 23:26: Examples of cost-saving opportunities
  • 35:58: Getting published in high profile publications

Unleashed is produced by Umbrex, which has a mission of connecting independent management consultants with one another, creating opportunities for members to meet, build relationships, and share lessons learned. Learn more at