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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Jan 24, 2018

On the show today our guest is Julia Bunte-Mein, a sophomore at Harvard College, who spent one day with me over her winter break on a Winternship.

I’m pretty sure that I learned more from Julia than she did from me over the course of the day. One of the things I learned was that if I were applying to Harvard today, I would have had a lot less chance of getting in, as the bar has been raised over the past couple decades. 

Julia added real value on Day One. Little did I know, but she has deep graphic design experience, and she helped me dramatically improve a mailer I was designing that day.  Julia has worked as a Researcher-Writer for Let’s Go and had actual internships in Belgium, Spain, Australia, and South-east Asia. She is the Social Enterprise Director for Harvard Women in Business and all-around a very impressive person.

In this episode, we turned the tables and Julia interviewed me, mostly about the advice I’d give to my college-age self, and related topics.

It was a lot of fun being interviewed by Julia, and I hope you find it useful: maybe you’ll even share the episode with a current college student.