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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Feb 27, 2023

Show Notes

Jessica Magoch is a jazz musician and sales expert who has put her two skills together to help others. She started her sales career when she was auditioning for college musical theater programs and realized that the best job for her would be one with flexibility - sales. She quickly excelled in the field and went on to work for a company that she helped build from zero to 100 million in revenue. After leaving that company, she started her own consulting and coaching business, where she helps women-led social enterprises learn how to sell.

How to Improve Your Sales Technique

Jessica explains that people who are successful in sales often have an inexplicable thing that cannot be taught. This is because they are able to connect with people emotionally, which is something that can be learned. She explains that music is the fastest way to affect someone's emotions and that using it in a sales conversation can make a difference.

The conversation explores the idea that people make decisions based on emotions and then back them up with logic. The idea is from the study of emotional intelligence. The study found that information travels through the amygdala first before it hits the frontal cortex. The amygdala is where emotions happen, and it is also where gut reactions are. The study also found that the information in the logical part of the brain is very limited. The conversation then discusses how to incorporate these insights from music into sales. One way is to start with your scales, which are your sales frameworks, your sales techniques, and your processes. Another way is to bring artistry to it by looking at the dynamics of music and applying it to sales conversations.

The salesperson's main role is to help the customer take action, and musicality can help with that by adding emotion and creativity to the conversation. Musicality can also help salespeople be more creative in general.

Building Confidence in Business

Jessica talks about the importance of performance in all aspects of life, from music to sales. The idea is that sometimes you have to access different parts of yourself in order to be successful and that this is not a bad thing. Beyonce is cited as an example of someone who has an alter ego that she calls upon when she needs to be fierce on stage.

In business, it is often important to be able to sell oneself and one's ideas confidently. One way to build confidence is to develop an alter ego or character who is comfortable with selling. This can be helpful especially when cold calling, as it can be difficult to remain confident when speaking to someone who may not be interested.

Outbound Sales Strategies

Will Bachman and Jessica Magoch discuss the importance of outbound strategies that involve phone calls. Jessica says that cold calling is often ineffective because people feel like they are just a target on a list. Bachman and Macgoch agree that cold calling is not a pleasant experience.

In order to make a cold call warmer, it is important to do 15 seconds of research on the person you are calling. This will help you to better understand them and get their attention. It is also important to ask permission before continuing the conversation and to be specific about the problems that you are solving.


2:06: Making decisions first emotionally and back them up with logic.

7:24: How to incorporate music into sales?

11:14: How to teach creativity in sales.

15:38: How to be creative in the moment.

20:51: Eliminate the emotion from objections by eliminating the objection.

29:08: How to avoid cold-calling.

34:02: How to personalize your call?

38:06: How to get your voice to be dynamic.






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