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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Jan 21, 2019

Our guest today is Fredrik Thomassen, CEO and Co-Founder of, an on-demand creative outsourcing service. Fredrik shared his ideas on the future of work (hint: he says that it’s remote work), as well as the way that he runs his own company using a hybrid structure where half his team is located in Oslo and the other half are based in San Francisco. We chatted about the tools he uses to coordinate his company’s activities, how remote work is going to change the employee evaluation process, the challenges of being able to work 24/7, and how his team’s ambition is for every company in the world to eventually have a Konsus subscription.

Fredrik says he is always open to chatting, and he values the many interesting conversations that have started with a simple email. You can reach him at his website: or email him directly at