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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Jul 29, 2019

Our guest today is Jason Bay, the founder of Blissful Prospecting, a firm that helps B2B sales reps, SMBs, and nonprofits create sustainable revenue growth.

In our discussion, Jason explains to me the REPLY method that his firm created to guide the writing of cold emails to prospects.

REPLY stands for Results, Empathy, Personalization, Laser-focus, and You.

The way I connected with Jason is that he used his own methodology on me.

Jason researched me and this podcast, and then sent me a personalized video message of himself speaking to me, in which he mentioned this show, and in fact a specific episode of the show.

Here is a link to that episode Jason sent me:[email][name]=Will%20Bachman&vydata[messageId]=41TvW5ar9WC0DOhTZ

That is the first time anyone has ever reached out to me with a personalized video, and I thought it was a pretty powerful approach, partly because it is so unscalable.

Sending out 1,000 uncustomized LinkedIn connection requests can be automated or outsourced, but researching a target and recording a custom video message has a high signaling cost, and I wanted to learn more about this approach.

After having Jason explain to me how he creates and uses these videos using Vidyard, I think it is an approach that could work well for many independent professionals. 

You can learn more about Jason on his firm’s website,

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