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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Feb 21, 2022

Paul Millerd is a McKinsey alum, modern-day nomad, entrepreneur, and author of The Pathless Path - Imagining a New Story for Work & Life. Paul provides online courses on strategy consulting and freelance consulting. He is also the creator and contributor of the popular website, Boundless, a site that explores how to have a better relationship with work, and a podcast that is designed to help creatives reimagine work. In today’s episode, Paul talks about his book. You can order the book and learn more about Paul’s programs or sign up for his newsletter at

Key points include:

02:59: What people believe about work

05:23: Tips on exploring the pathless path

19:43: The results of curiosity conversations

21:41: Disappointments on the pathless path

Unleashed is produced by Umbrex, which has a mission of connecting independent management consultants with one another, creating opportunities for members to meet, build relationships, and share lessons learned. Learn more at