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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

May 8, 2023

Show Notes

Sarrah Rose is an executive intimacy coach who runs the firm CEO on Fire. CEO on Fire helps senior level executives optimize their lives. Sarrag works with clients to help them achieve personal growth and spiritual development. She has been working in this field for the past 10 years, and rebranded to CEO on Fire to focus on executives specifically. 

Sarrah works with primarily male senior executives to help them balance their personal and professional lives. She looks at their relationships, sex lives, and other aspects of being human to give them more fun in life. Some of the challenges of working with senior executives include having less time for family, travel, and the specific personality type needed to become a CEO. ADHD is common among executives and can be both a superpower and a challenge. The benefits include hyper focus, the ability to see the bigger picture and from different perspectives, there’s also a lot of sexual energy. Sarrah introduces her clients to tantra which helps them use and channel this sexual energy productively. She has noticed that many clients are self-made and grew up in a more impoverished situation. This change in their lives often leads to a disconnect with who they were and who they are now, and how they are perceived. Rose helps her clients overcome these difficulties and create a balance between their personal and professional lives to better enjoy their lives.


Relationship Challenges of Senior Executives 

Sarrah talks about the challenges that high-powered male executives face in their roles as fathers and in their relationships with their significant other. Sarrah explained that presence and empathy is one of the biggest areas that executives need to focus on to provide for their children. They need to be able to give their children their undivided attention and love, safety, and belonging. Sarrah explains that the process she takes her clients through helps them develop these skills. 

Will asks Sarrah how executives manage to shift roles from boss at work to partner at home.  Sarrah explains that it depends on the relationship. She talks about the initial attraction to the partner is a combination of nature and nurture, and that the attraction is often tied to wounding. To navigate this, Sarrah helps her clients understand the layers of attraction, create more intimacy, and be aware of the different seasons of relationships and how to intelligently navigate the changes and the tough times.

Sarrah believes that one of the challenges that these executives often face is understanding the difference between men and women, and how to seduce their partners and maintain a state of heightened arousal. To help her clients, Sarrah suggests flirting through text throughout the day and engaging in roleplay and fantasy before you enter the bedroom. She also emphasizes the importance of leaving business talk out of their relationship and engaging in more light-hearted and fun conversations. Sarrah also mentions the importance of maintaining friends outside of one's work life. Some have stayed connected to people from their past and have maintained those long lasting relationships, while others have not. 

Strategies Used in Executive Intimacy Coaching 

When she starts working with a client, Sarrah starts off with an introductory call with her clients and then follows up with a diagnostic session. During this session, Sarrah gets to understand what her client is looking for and engages on a personal level. When it comes to exercises and tips, Sarrah explains that communication is the most important and also the most difficult area for her clients to master, especially when it comes to discussing intimate sexual and emotional conversations. She offers a few questions to help explore and connect on a deeper level. Sarrah notes that the first and most important area to focus on with clients is their relationship with themselves, including patterns of self-sabotage, trauma, and triggers. Throughout the program, Sarrah explains that they use four main strategies that begin dealing with the nervous system, including breath, sound, movement, and focus, which can be combined in different ways. By using these strategies, clients can release stress cycles and better understand their own needs and desires. Additionally, Sarrah helps clients focus on what one desires to create in life and then looking at where there are fears, resistances, and self-limiting beliefs that need to be worked through in order to move forward. By understanding oneself and engaging in self-reflection, it is possible to build a strong relationship with oneself and achieve one's goals.

Sarrah adds that sleep is a common issue among senior executives, who often struggle to fall asleep due to the demands of their job and the inability to turn off their minds; she suggests specific questions and practices to help address this issue. 

CEO Case Study and Dating in Today’s World

Sarrah talks about how high-powered CEOs approach dating in today's world. She shares a success story from one of her clients who was in an abusive relationship and how she helped him heal and prepare for his next relationship. Sarrah recommends that high-profile CEOs use matchmakers and that she works with the matchmakers to help her clients find the right person to have a fulfilling relationship. Sarrah also shares that she personally uses dating apps and that she sees many high-profile CEOs on the apps.

Sarrah explains that she works with the top 1% of men, helping them to become more confident and successful with women. She also shares that she makes organic introductions for her clients if they seem to be a good fit. Sarrah emphasizes that men need to be willing to do the work necessary to make successful relationships with women.


01:32 The Challenges of Senior Executives' Personal Lives

09:48 Seduction Tips for CEOs 

11:26 Maintaining Friendships Outside of Work 

12:57 Intimacy and Sexual Energy Exercises 

14:31 Relationship and Sexuality Coaching 

22:29 Exploring Intuitive Movement and Sounding for Self-Exploration and Transformation 

22:53 Sleep and Habits for CEOs 

26:38 Sleep Challenges for Senior Executives 

27:32 Executive Intimacy Coaching 

29:59 Success Story: High-Powered CEO Overcomes Insecurities After Divorce and Prepares for Next Relationship 



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