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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Apr 24, 2017

Known for his wit, wisdom, and formerly purple hair, McKinsey alum,  author and independent management consultant Ravi Rao reveals how we can improve the performance of individuals within the corporate culture through emotional intelligence.

As a young man, Ravi wanted to be an actor but ended up in neuroscience. With a keen interest in the function and development of the brain, he obtained a PhD in neuroscience, became a resident physician in neurosurgery at Harvard, where he studied the emotional behavior of babies.

After he made a career switch to management consulting to join McKinsey & Co., he used his training in how the brain works to bring new insights to corporate culture transformation.

In our discussion, Ravi explains why the basic element of trust is behind all progressive and profitable businesses. From being open to ideas and receptive to growth,  to mitigating the loss of high-performers and enabling staff to proactively anticipate and solve problems.

Ravi talks about his process as an author for his book, Emotional Business: Inspiring Human Connectedness To Grow Earnings And The Economy: how he wrote it, published it, and how it has helped lead to further conversations.

Ravi's got a unique morning routine that is inspired by his own neuroscience training, and he shares how he starts his day.

Ravi is on Twitter @emobizguy.

Unleashed is sponsored by Umbrex, the first global community of top-tier independent management consultants.