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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Dec 11, 2017

Our guest today is Jennifer Hartz, a McKinsey alum and the founder of Corporate Hartz.

Jennifer has several focus areas including business-driven community relations strategies, nonprofit strategic planning, and personal philanthropy. Her philosophy is that generosity and profitability can, and should, go...

Dec 4, 2017

Our guest today is John Dranow, the CEO of Smart Revenue.

John’s firm has hundreds of trained, vetted field researchers available around the world, and his firm can help you fill in the data white spaces.

Big data can help us analyze in exquisite detail what is happening, but it is hard to know from the data what...

Nov 27, 2017

In this in-between-isode, Will Bachman shares four tools useful for any independent professional:

1) DocuSign - to avoid the need to print/sign/scan/email

2) Expensify - to keep track of your expenses. 

3) ScannerPro - to create multipage PDFs with your phone

4) - quick and affordable transcripts

Nov 20, 2017

Sinisa Slijepcevic studied with Stephen Hawking, among other professors, while earning his PhD in applied mathematics at Cambridge University.  Sinisa is a McK alum and independent consultant and runs a firm called Cantab Analytica, which is based in the UK and Croatia.

Sinisa’s firm leverages machine learning to help...

Nov 13, 2017

Our guest today is Karen McGrath, who runs a firm of virtual assistants called Awan’s Assisting.

If you are an independent professional and feel crunched for time, this episode is for you.

Karen and I discuss why an independent professional should consider hiring a virtual assistant (a VA), the types of tasks that VAs...