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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Jan 29, 2024

Show Notes:

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman talks to Jared Simmons, business consultant, coach, and speaker, on design to value. Jared defines the term ‘design to value’, offers examples of how it can be used, and talks about the various steps involved. 

Using the example of a design to value playbook,...

Jan 23, 2024

Show Notes:

Chad Oakley, CEO at the executive search firm at Charles Aris, discusses the current state of the consulting job market. He kicks off the conversation by explaining who Charles Aris is and what they do. Chad shares his perspective on three key areas: the market for strategic services, training Chief Strategy...

Jan 22, 2024

Show Notes:

The Umbrex Business Analytics Diagnostic Guide that is discussed in this episode can be downloaded at no cost here:

In this episode of Unleashed, Will Bachman and Adam Braff discuss the creation of a data analytics diagnostic guide. Adam, a former...

Jan 1, 2024

Tyler Cowen, author, economist and philanthropist, talks about the inspiration for his new book and the importance of talent identification in business. He believes that talent assessment is an art rather than a science and that institutions like the Florentine Renaissance, which had a competitive process for...